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Social monitoring & Analytics Tools

I find it extremely interesting that although there is currently no “real” way to track ROI of social media, the amount of brand monitoring services available is growing exponentially. Beginning … Continue reading

01/12/2012 · 3 Comments

A World of Free Education

I am really excited about the unlimited number of opportunities that technology is catalyzing. Ten years ago, one could only dream of free opportunities to enhance one’s knowledge. Today, ignorance … Continue reading

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The World of Reality Shows

I haven’t own a T.V set since moving to the U.S. twelve years ago. As such, I am fully unplugged from the world of Reality T.V shows. Most of my … Continue reading

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A World of Categorizations

I am a dog lover. Reading about the multiple abuses to pit bulls led me to the task of adopting one. Over the years, I have had decent success training … Continue reading

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LinkedIn and the Definition of Self

In this day and age, it is becoming relatively difficult to find one’s heart. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the advantages of tweeting, flickering, wetokuing, twitterfalling and all/many other … Continue reading

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Microfinance: Real Development Tool?

Reading Milford Bateman’s book “Why Doesn’t Microfinance Work”, leads to think about changing the way we implement “international development” and poverty alleviation measures. In the two page write up downloadable … Continue reading

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How to Build an Innovation Ecosystem

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Closing the Innovation Gap

Innovation drives economic growth, our quality of life and is the only hope of addressing the major challenges we face. But America, a cornerstone of innovat… Closing the Innovation Gap, … Continue reading

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Adriana Galue

Adriana Galue

I am a neuroscientist and a technologist. I am also an entrepreneur currently working on optimizing the process of technology transfer & commercialization in Latin America.

As a scientist, I co-developed the preclinical phase of the only treatment available up to date for patients suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. This experience led me to a passion for business development and technology commercialization.

In addition to science, I am also passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow. I am a contributor for The Next Woman, Women 2.0, Eureka Startups, YoSoyPyme-BBVA & Ellas 2.0 among some other venues. I also mentor in several global accelerators including Startup Weeks, Wayra LATAM, GoCode Colorado & The Next Woman.

I am available for technology commercialization, go to market strategy, financial analysis & venture capital related questions in English, Spanish or French.


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