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2011 Analysis of Online Fundraising: 2011_eNonprofit_Benchmarks_Study

Non-Profit Technology Network:

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Tech Soup:

Reaching Millennials:

Changing the World from the Bay Area:

Salsa Labs is the creator of the popular Salsa platform, an integrated, flexible, and affordable set of tools to organize and energize people. From fundraising to advocacy, CRM, communications, and event management, Salsa empowers thousands of nonprofits and campaigns of all sizes to achieve their online goals.

Rad Campaign is a company that focuses on creating web designs and developing brands that tell your organization’s story and mission within seconds and deepens supporter engagement. Rad also develops hard-hitting and effective online advertising and online marketing campaigns that inspire people to get involved.

PictureHealing is a free mobile photo-sharing app. Think of Instagram meets Foursquare. The way it works is pretty simple. Take and share pictures to earn your charity points. The more you share, the more points you’ll earn them! Your points will be turned in to donations to your three favorite charities based on 50% of our profits.

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