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Through my efforts of trying to understand the physiology behind meditation, I have found the following resources to be very interesting.

The Mind and Life Institute

Mindfulness Research

Mindfulness Research Guide

Meditation Research at Harvard

University of Wisconsin Research

UCLA Integrative Medicine

Frontiers in Psychology

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Adriana Galue

Adriana Galue

I am a neuroscientist and a technologist. I am also an entrepreneur currently working on optimizing the process of technology transfer & commercialization in Latin America.

As a scientist, I co-developed the preclinical phase of the only treatment available up to date for patients suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. This experience led me to a passion for business development and technology commercialization.

In addition to science, I am also passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow. I am a contributor for The Next Woman, Women 2.0, Eureka Startups, YoSoyPyme-BBVA & Ellas 2.0 among some other venues. I also mentor in several global accelerators including Startup Weeks, Wayra LATAM, GoCode Colorado & The Next Woman.

I am available for technology commercialization, go to market strategy, financial analysis & venture capital related questions in English, Spanish or French.


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