Favorite Videos

1. The Why, How and What of an Idea by Simon Sinek shows a very unique way of understanding how to bring an idea to market. This is a must video for any entrepreneur.

2. I love The Joy of Stats. It is a very well done BBC produced documentary about statistics (one hour long). The documentary explores the way that such science has changed our understanding of the world. Professor Hans Rosling, from the Karolinska Institute does an amazing job at keeping me engaged.

3. A Practical Guide to Controlled Experiments on the Web: Listen to Your Customers not to the Hippo by Ron Kohavi is an excellent presentation on how to use data to guide decision makingKohavi explains how data trumps intuition. A complementary seminar is below.

4. Planning, Running, and Analyzing Controlled Experiments on the Web by Ron Kohavi & Roger Longbotham

5. How Algorithms Shape our World is a fantastic video that takes the viewer to a quasi fictional planet. Anyone interested in the future of information must watch this video. Algorithms shape not only the future of our investments, but also the way in which we perceive the world. The news that are fed to us via RSS, the results that we get on a Google search and many other daily activities are shaped by algorithms ! Algorithms can be quite dangerous, unless we step out of them to understand real reality !

Source: Udemy Blog

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