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Ruby on Rails Resource List

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.04.10 AMA friend of mine just sent me an awesome resource list dedicated to Ruby on Rails enthusiasts. I decided to share them right here !

I loved meeting so many talented developers while attending the Rocky Mountain Ruby 2012 Conference.

If you have any other awesome resource recommendations, please email me at or send me a tweet @adrianagalue

Ruby Websites

Mike Gehard


Caius Theory 

Robert Sosinsky

Sonia Hamilton

Ruby Fleebie

RubyGems Guide



James Edward


Ruby Books

Beginning Ruby by Peter Cooper

Learn To Program by Chris Pine

Programming Ruby by Dave Thomas

Learn Ruby the Hard Way

Humble Ruby Little Book

Rails Websites

Ruby On Rails Tutorial

Rails Casts

Rails for Zombies

Ruby on

Rails Guides



Rails Books

Agile Web Development with Rails by Ruby, Thomas & Heinemeier

Crafting Rails Applications by José Valim

The Rails 3 Way by Obie Fernandez

Rails 3 in Action by Bigg & Katz


Refactoring to Patters by Kerievsky

Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans

One comment on “Ruby on Rails Resource List

  1. Amy Elizabeth Hardy

    Thank you for such an awesome resource Adriana ! You should check the Ruby conference in Denver November 2012.

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Adriana Galue., MS, MBA

Adriana Galue., MS, MBA

Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur

Adriana is a Colombian born neuroscientist particularly interested in meaningful problems of complexity and scale.

She is currently working on optimizing the process of technology transfer & commercialization in emerging markets with a particular focus in Latin America. The current puzzle is how to get LATAM scientists the best licensing agreements for their inventions.

While working in academia at the Montreal Neurological Institute, Adriana contributed to the discovery of an important mechanism underlying the development of epileptic seizures.

After six years of working in academia, Adriana transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry. While working at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Adriana co-developed the preclinical phase of Kalydeco, the only treatment available up to date for patients suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Today, Kalydeco is a nichebuster drug.

Adriana has a passion for both continuous learning and asking tough questions. She is an out the box thinker and an independent scholar. Adriana currently consults for both government and the private sector.

In addition to science, Adriana is also passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow. She is a contributor for The Next Woman, Women 2.0, Eureka Startups, YoSoyPyme-BBVA & Ellas 2.0 among some other venues.

She also mentors in several global accelerators including Startup Weeks, Wayra LATAM, GoCode Colorado & The Next Woman.

In her free time, Adriana is a Firefighter/EMT in Colorado.

She is available for Technology Commercialization, Go to Market Strategy, Financial Analysis & Venture Capital related questions in English, Spanish or French.


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